If you want to try your hand at Long Range BPCR shooting, here is how I would suggest that you go about finding a match in your general area:

1) Contact your local gun club to see if they either sponsor or know of any matches in your area.

2) Contact your State Rifle Association. They should know about both local and state championship matches that are scheduled to take place.

3) Contact the NRA for a schedule of NRA-sponsored matches across the country.

4) Obtain a copy of the �Single Shot Exchange� or �Black Powder Cartridge News� magazines. They will oftentimes have information listed in a special section within their magazines where match organizers from around the country list their upcoming matches.

5) Search the Internet for information. Here are just a few of the web sites that I was able to find with information about different matches. Although many web sites list BPCR Silhouette matches, contact the names of the people running those matches to see if they know where any Long Range BPCR matches may be taking place:

Shoot Magazine: (Wisconsin BPC Events)

Black Powder Cartridge News (SPG):

The Single Shot Exchange Magazine (The Match Board):

Good Luck!

By Darryl Hedges

Copyright� 2010 All Rights Reserved.


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